In Memoriam

Dear Visitor:  If you are aware of the passing of one of our members, promptly contact one of our KCMSSL Board members.

As Ball Players and Members of Our Organization,
We Relished Your Competitive Spirit and Camaraderie.
ou Will NEVER Be Forgotten.

In Memory of Our Departed Players

Ron Buzick (04/04/2024)

Midwest Driving, Awards, Central States Fitness, M&V, China Toms, 60’s KC, Lucky’s Silver Jox, BOPS, Time Machine, Fireballs, Dingers, KC 65’s, Ranch House Saloon

Norm Comstock (03/19/2024) 

Norman Charles Comstock Obituary 2024 – Park Lawn Funeral Homes

General Admission, KC Barons, Field Force, DeJa Blue, Rebels

Pat LaVergne (01/22/2024)

Midwest Driving, Lucky’s, KC 60’s, Ansaring, Lucky’s/China Tom’s, Avengers, KC Fire, Silverjox/Midwest, Knapheide/Midwest, KC Bombers, MoKanDo

Brett Swanson (12/02/2023)

Ancient Mariners, KC Barons, Fire, KC Vintage, Big Daddy’s Donuts, Arsenal, KC Storm, Time Travelers, Team USA, Relics 65’s

J. B. Sadler (11/27/2023)

Time Travelers, Draft (Thu. – Roe) Green Team, Draft (Tue. – Independence) Young Guys, Draft (Thu. – Roe) Sky Blue, Monday 70’s Hybrid – Green Machine, Draft (Thu. – Roe) Gray Team, Hybrid (Monday – 70’s) James Gang, Draft (Mon. – Roe 70’s) Gold Team, Draft (Mon. – Roe 70’s) Green Team

Roger Gramly (11/23/2023) 

Rehabs, I.O.F. Foresters, See The Trainer / Team 60 KC, Ageless Wonders, KC Classics, Knapheide, Antiques

Rivers Charles Brown (11/2023)

KC Players, Just Friends, KC Monarchs, MC Monarchs/Miken

 Chet Stumpf (10/11/2023)

KC Relics; Draft (Mon – BB) Gold Team; Draft (Thu – Roe) Red

Babe Darnell (8/26/2023) 

Lucky’s; AAA Linen; Knapheide; Antiques

Pete Zarrillo (8/22/2023)

Jones & Granger; Ageless Wonders; Royal Blue (Thu – Roe Draft); Bears Ballers; Young Guys (Tue – Ind. Draft); Sky Blue (Thu – Roe Draft); Senior Moments (Tue – Ind. Draft); Red Team (Thu – Roe Draft); Redd Barrons (Tue – Ind. Draft); Gray Team (Thu – Roe Draft); Grey (Mon 70’s – Roe Draft)

Christopher Buchanan (8/01/2023)

Team 605

Michael Spieler (6/01/2023)   

Field Force, DeJa Blue, KC Bombers (Brian Fitzpatrick’s Bombers), Rebels

John Peele (5/07/2023)

Ageless, Ageless Wonders, Jalapenos, WOV’s (Wiley Old Veterans), Lucky’s Silver Jox/China Tom’s, Dingers, Angels, Knapheide, Blue Heat

Ted Barclay (4/24/2023)

On early 1990’s rosters, and as recent as our 2021 rosters:  AAA Linen, Awards, Stingers, Knapheide, Antiques, Time Machine, Ranch House Saloon, KC Blues, Saturday Draft – Old Gold, Thursday Draft – Royal Blue, Gray, Purple, Red, and Sky Blue teams, Tuesday (Ind.) Draft – Young Guys, Monday (Roe) Draft – Green Machine, Gold and Orange teams

John Felz (4/07/2023)

Bear’s Ballers; Draft (Tuesday – Independence) Yellow Jackets; Draft (Tuesday – Independence) Orange; Draft (Tuesday – Independence) Gold

Terry Kirch (3/22/2023)

Angels, Longbranch, Ancient Mariners, Miken/Renegades, KC Legacy, Campbell Communications, GoRillas, KC Kids, Hitmen, KC Blues, Renegades 70’s, Silver Sluggers (Hybrid 70’s)

Dennis Disney (1/16/2023) 

H.P.S.I., WOV’s (Wily Old Veterans), Anasring, KC 60’s, POPs, KC Fire, Ranch House Saloon, Conroy’s Public House, Gray Team (Thursday Draft – Roe Park), Blue Team (Monday Draft – Roe Park), James Gang (Monday Draft – Roe Park)

Wade Anderson (12/25/2022)  

Wade Anderson Obituary – Kansas City, MO (

Monday Draft – Black Bob Park (Blue Team), Thursday Draft – Roe Park (Green Team, Sky Blue), Saturday Draft – Roe Park (Ageless Wonders, Golden Boys, True Blue), Ageless Wonders, KC Sports Club

Bill Klinkenberg (11/27/2022)

Cass County, See the Trainer, Time Machine, Baggerly Excavating, Don Bosco, Stingers, BOPS, Ageless Wonders, Antiques, Winners, Royal Blue (Thu.-Draft), Red (Thu.-Draft), Sky Blue (Thu.-Draft)

Donald White (06/26/2022) 

Super Seniors, Silver Joxs, M&V, Don Bosco, Central States 60’s, Dingers, Longbranch, Time Machine, BOPS

Lloyd (Brent) Pate (06/23/2022) 

Lloyd Brent Pate Obituary 2022 – Ledford Family Funeral Homes (

Big Daddy’s Donuts, Double C Industries, KC Classics, KC Renegades, Elite / Pats, KC Barons, Classic Outlaws

Ronald Gene Murray (06/14/2022) in Nalcrest, FL

All Star Auto Sales, Deja Blue, KC Tunder

Sam Allison (01/04/2022) 

KC Masters, KC Fire, KC Bombers, ROC, McGuire’s Bar & Grill, KC Kids, Midwest Driving

Adam Crane (12/03/2021) 

Obituary for Adam Michael Crane | Johnson County Funeral Chapel & Memorial Gardens (

Conroy’s, Ageless Wonders, KC Outlaws, Boyz in the Woods

Ken Whisler (09/25/2021)

Good Timers, Relics, Kansas City 60’s, Central States 60’s, KC 65’s, KC Diamonds

Jerry Hinton (09/26/2021)

Super Seniors, KC Thunder, Lucky’s Silver Jox, Central States 60’s, Fit For Life

James Carpentar (08/06/2021)  

Tribute for James V Carpenter (

Cass County, Baggerly Excavating, Fireballs (Draft), Grumpy Old Men, Good Old Boys (Draft)


Donald Hicks (07/27/2021)

Ageless Wonders, Team Sixty KC, AAA Linen, Angels, All Star Auto Sales, Dingers, Antiques, Knapheide, Insurance Options

Jody Sheehan (05/23/2021)

POP’s, KC Seniors, Just For Fun (Draft), Black Sox (Draft), Sky Blue (Draft), Ageless Wonders (Draft), Green Team (Thu. Draft), Golden Boys (Draft), Gray Team (Thu. Draft), Silver Sluggers, Sunshine Boys, Red Team (Thu. Draft), Green Team (Mon. Draft)


Richard White (05/13/2021)

Diamonds, Thunder-60’s, KC Blues

Robert (Bob) Smith (02/28/2021)

Antiques, various draft teams

Terry Jensen (12/27/2020)

Boatmen’s, Super Seniors, KC Classics, Ancient Mariners, KC Legacy, KC 60’s, KC 65’s, Conroy’s, Antiques, Thursday Draft – Red, Thursday Draft – Royal Blue, Green Machine, Monday Draft — Grey

Sid Wilson (09/06/2020)
Heartland Hitters, Time Machine, Baggerly Excavating, Dingers, Pop, Blue Heat, CSI, Antiques, Sky Blue (draft), Gray (draft)

Gary Johnston (05/11/2020)

Joelle Fisher (04/10/2020)
KC Blues

Kirk Miller (01/18/2020)
KC Barons, KC Kids

Alfred Yust (01/13/2020)
Antiques, Goodtimers, Draft conference

Earl Stephen (12/04/2019)
Lawrence (in 1993), AAA Linen, Cass County

Herb Nelson (7/03/2019)
Old Crows, KC Classics, Ageless Wonders

James Owens (5/13/2019)
Thursday Morning Draft – Red Team, Monday Morning Hybrid Draft – Midwest Driving

John Vermillion (4/15/2019)
Angels, Silo, ROC, Tanners, Monday Draft – Independence Athletic Complex

Ray Mais (2/11/2019)
Awards & T-Shirts, Team 60 KC, AAA Linen, Don Bosco, Antiques, Hunkeler Yankees

Chuck  Bua (2/8/2019) 

Hall of Honor Recipient  December, 2018

Following a massive stroke 26 months ago, one of the deans of our softball organization, Chuck Bua, died peacefully in a care facility in New York.

A founding member of the KCMSSL, Chuck Bua started with the organization in 1989 and played along with Wes Weddle, in its initial league game in 1990. He was an early member of the Board of Directors. His art skills and creativity were instrumental in helping promote and grow the league for nearly 30 years. He continually recruited new players as well. Though perhaps best known as the founder/long-term manager of the Ageless Wonders, he also managed a number of “draft” teams in various venues across the Kansas City Metro area.

Prior to his retirement, Chuck was an extremely successful advertising executive working with several prominent firms across the country.  Chuck also taught Advertising and Graphic Arts related courses at The Art Institutes International- Kansas City location in Lenexa until 2016.

Chuck was predeceased by his wife Elaine, and leaves two daughters, Monique (Long Island, NY)  and Rochelle (Olathe, KS), two granddaughters who were the apples of his eyes, and a son in law, Rick Randle, husband of Rochelle.  He also leaves behind a sister Vera in NJ and several nieces that he was very fond of in Florida and NJ.

At this time no formal plans have been made for his interment, but an update to this posting will be made as soon as they are known.

Victor Swyden (12-09-2018)
Draft-Black Sox

Duane Robison (11-13-2018)
Wheatland Antiques, American Patriots

Mike Hooper (11-23-2018)
Managed Conroy’s. Played for Time Machine, Cass County, Deja Blue, Baggerly Excavating, ROC, Don Bosco, BOPS, Fireballs, Blue Heat, Insurance Analyst, Knapheide, Ranch House Saloon, McGuires, Young Guys, Black Sox

Bob Steen (6-25-2018) 

Lucky’s, Antiques, Timeless Ballplayers, AAA Linen, Knapheide
One of KCMSSL Founding Fathers.

Jim Cunningham (6-17-2018)

Good Timers, Dingers, Heartland Hitters, Coach for the Diamonds, played on a variety of draft teams. Treasurer on Board of Directors

Ted Wright (4-08-2018)  

General Admission, Field Force. Member of Competition Committee

Don Magee (1-02-2018)   

Kansas City 60’s, Kansas City 65’s, Midwest Silver Jox, AAA Linen, Antiques

Dale Young (11-29-2017)

Played for POP’s in 2004-05, Old Red Dogs, Heartland Hitters

Clyde Jones (10-23-2017)  

Antiques, Ageless Wonders, Heartland Classics, McBrides, Dogs, Time Machine

Eddie Lane (10-14-2017)

Cass County , C.S.I., Heartland Hitters, Bops, Dogs, Time Machine, POP, Winners

Scott Perry (8-17-2017)

DinoSore Fossils (Sunday – Black Bob)


Charlie Hiller (8-10-2017)  

Danny’s Bar & Grill, Campbell Communications, Tequila Harry’s, Tequila Angels, Boys of Summer, Longbranch, KC Sports Club!/ServicesEvents  

Mike Sharon (7-12-2017)

Managed KC Angels for years.  Silo, Winners, Brought many players into the league.

Don Brown (7-10-2017) 

KC Storm, Lenexa Old Timers

Paul Scott (7-06-2017)

Masters, KC Avengers, 2000 thru 2005, until a leg injury forced him to quit.

Central States, the original KC Classics, Knaphiede

Delbert Pilgrim (01-14-2017)

Knapheide, Midwest Driving School, Midwest SilverJox

Bob Erisman (12-06-2016)

AAA Linens, Antiques, Knapheide

Roger G. Horne Sr. (11-23-2016)

Time Machine, Cass County, Baggerly Excavating, BOPS, Fireballs

Don Hamilton (8-10-2016)

Central States, AAA Linen, POP

John Merten Pettey (8-11-2016)

Manager, Jalapeño’s and other teams, M&V, SEC, Midwest Silverjox, KC Storm

James J. Givan (6-24-2015)

Original member, KC Naturals

John Husteds (4-07-2015)

All Star Audio, Monday & Saturday Draft Leagues

Fred Purvis (10-2014)

KC Masters

Kathi McNerney (9-15-2014)

Better With Age

Mark Eichenlaub (8-20-2014)


Thomas E. Carter (7-16-2014)

KC Thunder; ROC; KC Athletics; Renegades

Gary L. Sloan (6-28-2014)

Manager WOV. ROC, Thunder-65, KC Bombers, numerous other teams

Lance Eric Carlson (6-26-2014)

China Toms, KC Thunder, Lucky’s

Eugene L. Payton (5-8-2014)

Heartland Hitters, Ageless Wonders, Winners
Charter Member, KC Metro 50+ Senior Softball

Milton H. “Uncle Miltie” Rush (4-28-2014)

Antiques, Ageless Wonders

Henry “Hank” Hampton (2-18-2014)

Manager, Just Friends

Catherine Diane Lipps (1-29-2014)

Wild Things

John “J.R.” Richarson (1-21-2014)

KC 60’s and 65’s, Goodtimers

George J. Gutknecht (12-2-2013)

Saturday Draft; Blue Heat, Dingers, Ageless Wonders

Rickey Rayford (10-21-2013)

55+ Monarchs; KC Bruinz; Blue Heat

Harry Clifford (9-14-2013)

Charter Member, KC Metro 50+ Senior Softball

Ageless Wonders; Antiques; AnsaRing; Classics; POP; KC Classics, Fireballs

Terry E. Trackwell (6-11-2013)

KC 60’s, Midwest Driving, China Toms, Lucky’s Silver Jox, Fireballs, BOPS, KC Blues

Wesley B. Weddle (3-26-2013) 

WESLEY WEDDLE Obituary (1926 – 2013) – Raymore, MO – Kansas City Star (

Founder and President Emeritus, KC Metro 50+ Senior Softball

Senior Softball Hall of Fame

Zachary Jay Weddle (10-28-2012)

Ancient Mariners

Robert W. Coakley (10-6-2012)

Assorted Senior Teams, C.S.I., Ageless Wonders

Kenny Middleton  (7-11-2012)

ROC; Angels

Michael E. Fisher, Sr.  (5-26-2012)

M&V; Just Friends; KC Bruinz

Glennon James Jennewein  (4-10-2012)

Time Machine

Santo DiMaggio  (2-18-2012)

AAA Linen; CSI; Don Bosco; Saturday Draft League, Antiques, Fireballs, Dingers, Hunkeler Yankees, Ageless Wonders

Phil Homeratha  (12-29-2011)

Midwest Driving; Lucky Chinese; China Tom’s; Knapheide; Time Machine; Wringers

William J. Tobler, Jr.  (7-14-2011)

Manager, KC Antiques, Time Machine, Baggerly Excavating, Don Bosco, BOPS, Fireballs, Hunkeler Yankees, Dingers

Gary Scott Hinds  (10-11-2010)

Half Century, M&V, Central States, KC Classics, KC 65’s, Knapheide, Antiques

Gary Leon Sheppard  (8-28-2010)

Angels, Ancient Mariners, Monarchs, Twin Citiez Bruinz, KC Gents

Ronnie K. McClain  (8-27-2010)

Angels, Avengers, Fire

Alberta Byerly  (12-4-2009)

Manager, Blue Heat; CSI; 60+ Draft Team; Good Ole Boys

Ran Bengston  (6-29-2009)

AAA Linen; CSI; Teams 60; Manager 60+ Draft Team

Earl Ventura  (6-9-2009)

Antiques, AAA Linen

Ralph Monaco  (5-7-2009)

AAA Linen; 70+ Tournament Team

Ray Hicks  (3-13-2009)


David R. Stuckey  (3-4-2009)

Half Century; Relics; Just Friends; M&V

Jack Dennis Francis  (2-17-2009)

BankIV; Goodtimers; 65+ Draft Team

John Weston Brown  (1-28-2009)

Goodtimers; Knapheide; KC 65s; Antiques; et al

Franklin A. Hansen  (11-19-2008)

Boatmen’s Bank; 70+ Tournament Team (KC/ St Louis)

Donald “Donnie” Downs  (10-6-2008)


Charles “Chung” Anderson  (6-25-2008)

North Star; AAA Linen

Robert King  (2-26-2008)

Cass County

Manual “Manny” Morris  (1-7-2008)

Founder and Manager, Half Century

Former KC Metro 50+ Board Member

Larry Byerly  (8-19-2007)

Super Seniors; CSI; Blue Heat; et al.

League Sportsmanship Award Established in his Honor

Richard “Dick” Souder  (5-12-2007)

Goodtimers; Old Crows

Instrumental in Establishing KC Metro 50+ League Website

James Allen Sweat  (5-9-2007)

Just Friends

Gerald “Ike” Isenhower  (5-7-2007)

Manager, Fit-4-Life; Central States Fitness; KC Thunder 65+; Blue Springs Ford; ISSCO; Price Chopper

Charter Member and KC Metro 50+ Board Member

Lee Goodpasture  (3-11-2007)

Golden Age; Heartland Hitters; 65+ and 70+ Tournament Teams

Claude “Chico” Carlocke  (1-9-2007)

M and V

Willie “Deabo” Hicks  (11-21-2006)

Manager, Showtime; Monarchs; KC Legacy

Kelly MacDougal  (8-27-2006)

CSI; Ancient Mariners

Dale Robinson  (4-29-2006)

Insurance Analysts

George Muehlbach  (11-7-2005)

Team 60; AAA Linen; Antiques

Darwin Landers  (8-12-2005)

Manager, All-Star Auto; Awards and T-Shirts; Boatmen’s Bank

Wally Miller  (7-31-2005)

Manager, Goodtimers; Awards

Charter Member KC Metro 50+ Softball

Frank Evans  (12-9-2004)

Cass County; Central States Fitness; Adams Group; Fit-4-Life

Tom Stolz  (7-2-2004)

Avengers; KC Masters

Ned Doughty  (3-29-2004)

Angels; Super Seniors; Kansas City 70’s

Carl Gangel  (2-15-2004)

AAA Linen

Richard Wilson  (3-12-2003)

All-Star Auto; AAA Linen; Joined Knapheide for 2003

David Joe Berry  (2-15-2002)

HPSI; POP; Ansa Ring

Charles W. Tucker  (2-1-2002)

KC North; North Star Sales; Goodtimers

Charter Member KC Metro 50+ Softball

Derold Boline  (12-2-2001)

KC Classics

Blaine Durmond Garrett Jr.  (8-21-2001)

All Star Auto Sales; KC Thunder; Hudco

Leo A. Riggs  (7-12-2001)

Inland Containers; HPSI; Ansa Ring

Charles J. Monaco  (7-11-2001)

AAA Linen

George Lee McKistry  (7-5-2000)

AAA Linen

Bobby J. Orell  (5-26-2000)

Rum Dums; Super Seniors; Awards and T-Shirts

Phil Kelso  (8-20-1999)

AAA Linen

Huffman Walker  (4-17-1998)

Timeless Ballplayers; Bank IV

Charter Member KC Metro 50+ Softball

Gilbert KcKee  (4-16-1998)

Cass County

Robert “Jack” Jackson  (12-15-1996)

Half Century;Manager, Super Seniors

Eugene Morrison  (1995)

Cass County

Norm Hodges  (5-1992)

Half Century

Stanley J. Hudson  (4-27-1992)

Half Century

Paul Underhill  (9-19-1991)

ISCCO Legends