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Location:  Black Bob Park (Olathe, KS)
Day/Night of Play:  Tuesday Night
Level of Play:  Silver
Age Requirement:  70+
Defensive Position of Play Desired: Outfield
Manager: Richard Hite
Contact Number: (913) 485-3741
Email:                                                                                                            03/24

Looking for a Few Good Men

Due to normal player attrition, the KC ‘Purple Reign’ is looking for a couple of solid ballplayers for divisional league play on Thursday nights at Heritage Park.  Our 5-year success rate is solid, 3 division championship titles out of 10 sessions, two second place finishes, and high session finishes.  You’ll be joining a competitive team in progress.    Not only that, but we are also a laid-back and super fun group, who do not take it too seriously.    We aim to enjoy the ride.  The age group is 49-60 and ‘high Silver/low gold’ in level.   Looking for skilled players ready to compete.

Positions are flexible.   So don’t let position determine your interest.  Just contact me and we’ll go from there:
Manager:  Thomas Gray
Contact Number: 860-371-8160


BF Body Works
Looking for a few good players for two conferences
Location:  Heritage Park (Olathe, KS)
Day/Night of Play:  Thursday Night – double headers
Level of Play:  Gold
Age Requirement:  50
Location:  Black Bob Park (Olathe, KS)
Day/Night of Play:  Tuesday Night
Level of Play:  Gold
Age Requirement:  55+
Looking for infield and outfield position players for both conferences.
These are highly competitive teams – must be able to run, hit and catch – but also must want to have fun playing.
Manager: Jeff Weinstein
Contact Number: 816-942-3437
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