Player Skill Rating

KCMSSL Player Skill Ratings

KCMSSL utilizes an individual Player Skill Rating system for all members in an effort to assure there is a more “level playing field” for all teams competing in the same conference.  The “Player Rating Chart Explanation-2021” link below will briefly explain how this system works.  The “Player Skill Rating Chart – KCMSSL 2021” link will provide the working details of the rating system / process — set up and functioning behind-the-scenes of our online membership database.  If you desire any additional information, or explanation, on either of these after reviewing them, please feel free to contact Clint Berger – 913.481.7937,, any one of your local board members, or your conference coordinator.
If you are a KCMSSL member and wish to appeal your rating, or the rating of any other KCMSSL member, please check out each of the individual corresponding Rating Appeal forms under the “Forms and Downloads” link in the banner above.

Player Rating Chart for 2021 – LeagueSheets

Player Rating Chart Explanation-2021